Fitness Classes

Fitness Class - Kelsey

Are you to get into shape and stay fit? Make sure to join one of our amazing fitness classes held in Hamilton!

Come and enjoy a fun, low impact, full body workout. Our fitness class routines includes a wide range of different exercise types like yoga, cardio, core work, strength and balance. LEAPing on trampolines have many important health benefits: It stimulates your metabolism, improves your sense of balance, firms and tones muscles, increases oxygen circulation around your body, strengthens your heart, increases your energy levels and leaves you feeling great!

Our fitness classes are a great way to keep fit and have fun while you exercise!

Classes are held:

Hamilton Only - Tuesday 5pm

Also available at Leap

Air Bag

Wanna practice your flips? Give it a go using LEAP’s Air Bag – take a running jump onto the air filled mat and show everyone your moves.

Freestyle Classes

Freestyle Classes are dedicated to teaching you how to perform tricks safely. Our classes teach you basic skills and tricks.