Fancy a break from LEAPing?! Challenge your friends on our Boot Camp Style Obstacle courses. You can race your friends through the obstacle course or do a team race to see which team is the quickest! This obstacle course is for everyone 5 years and older to slide down, squeeze through and swing across.

Activities include


Race your friends through our Bootcamp style obstacle course! Wait for the traffic light to turn green and then you're off! Finish the race by speeding down the slide with style.

Obstacle Course


Take a break or sit down and have some food in our picnic area. This is an awesome area to have a meal before you head out for more fun!

Parents can relax in our parents area, it's the perfect place to sit and have a coffee while the kids LEAP!

Picnic Rest Area & Parents Area

Also available at Leap

Air Bag

Wanna practice your flips? Give it a go using LEAP’s Air Bag – take a running jump onto the air filled mat and show everyone your moves.

Trampoline Park

Our main LEAPing areas have heaps of interconnecting trampolines including side tramps, for you to bounce over, across, around, along and onto.

Megazone Hamilton

Check out our brand new Laser Tag arena where you can unleash your InfraRed fury, stalk your mates and other unsuspecting victims during a variety of games designed to keep you buzzing laser style.


It is party time at Leap and Megazone! We would like your Birthday Boy or Girl to have an AMAZING Birthday Celebration with us!

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Are you a frequent leaper? Get a great deal with our concession cards - 10 LEAPs $130, 20 LEAPs $240.

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Wednesday Discount Evening

Come along to Hamilton or Dunedin and LEAP with us between 5 - 10 pm for only $10 an hour! All ages.

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