Air bag

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Would you like to practice your flips? Give it a go by using LEAP’s air bag – take a running LEAP onto our air bag and show everyone your moves. Make use of our 6 meter waterfall trampolines and raised platform to widen your LEAPing experience. Please remember that trampolining is an extreme sport - LEAP within your own ability.

Why did we remove our foam pits and introduced the air bags?

● Hygiene - foam collects dirt and sweat and cannot be cleaned properly
● Safety - safer and more comfortable for younger LEAPers - no chance of getting buried under the foam
● Tricking - a great tool in encouraging correct landings when practicing flips and tricks
● Cleaning - easy to clean as the top cover can be removed
● Dust & allergen free - asthma suffers and those who suffer from allergies are able to enjoy the airbag freely
● Safety - generally safer as the surface is flexible and offers much more support when landing

Other Activities

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Use our Dodgeball arena at any time during your session to play a game or two with your mates. Or join our Dodgeball Tournament on Tuesday evenings at 7pm to play competitively!



Join our Freestyle Class where you can learn basic skills and safely attempt flips and tricks alongside our LEAP Instructors. Freestyle Boards are available to use during these classes.

Freestyle Classes

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Our main LEAPing areas have heaps of interconnecting trampolines including side tramps, for you to bounce over, across, around, along and onto.

Trampoline Park

Also available at LEAP


Large inflatable slide for kids under five, plus huge inflatable boot-camp style obstacle courses for adults and kids.


During every general session we’ll be running Dodgeball games which are open for everyone to join in with. Yes you heard right, Dodgeball on trampolines… sweeeeet!


It is party time at Leap and Megazone! We would like your Birthday Boy or Girl to have an AMAZING Birthday Celebration with us!

Megazone Hamilton

Check out our brand new Laser Tag arena where you can unleash your InfraRed fury, stalk your mates and other unsuspecting victims during a variety of games designed to keep you buzzing laser style.

Deals for Leap Lovers

Call in to your local branch and pick your self up a FLIPPING good deal!

Concession Cards

Are you a frequent leaper? Get a great deal with our concession cards - 10 LEAPs $130, 20 LEAPs $240.

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Wednesday Discount Evening

Come along to Hamilton or Dunedin and LEAP with us between 5 - 10 pm for only $10 an hour! All ages.

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Leap Parties

Have your next party at your local LEAP Branch!

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